W - Roadmarking and Traffic Safety


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From the 1st EU Road Marking Symphosium in Intertraffic Amsterdam.

Germany: Test on turntable and roads
  • Deutschland1.pdf (4,8MB)
  • Deutschland1.pdf (1,6MB)

    France: Quality of markings through function
  • frankreich.pdf (2,86MB)

    Great Britain: White Lines Save lives
  • England, RexPerkins.pdf (4,7MB)

    Austria: Selection, guarantee and control
  • Oesterreich.pdf (0,66MB)

    Poland: Dependency on road classes
  • Polen.pdf (5,06MB)

    Switzerland: Markings in the Alp Mountains
  • Schweiz.pdf (6,25MB)

    Spain: Type II markings
  • Spanien.pdf (0,837MB)

    Earlier Reports and Information

    Sweden: Performance of wet visibility, 2001
  • VTI-465A.pdf (0,77MB)

    Texas: The Use of Wider Longitudinal Pavement Markings, 2002
  • TEXAS WiderLongitudinalMarkings.pdf (0,61MB)

    Denmark: Wet Performance, 1990
  • Wet-Performance-1990.pdf (1,3MB)

    Europe: COST 331, Requirements for Horizontal Road Marking
  • COST_331-en.pdf (5,42MB)

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